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Concert programmes


Dream of Strings

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and commentary
Václav Mácha – piano
Famous violins from three centuries heard in classical music by European composers.

Romantic Recital

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and commentary
Lucie Tóth – piano
Both well-known and unknown music by Romantic period composers and their life stories.

Baroque Gala Concert

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and commentary
Jitka Navrátilová – harpsichord
Italian, French, German and Czech Baroque music written for these two instruments and played on original Baroque instruments.

Baroque Session

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and commentary
Michaela Káčerková – virginal or organ
Both famous and little-known music by 18th-century composers.

Concert for Ten Strings

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and commentary
Miloslav Klaus – guitar
Original compositions by Niccolò Paganini and his contemporaries.

The Violin and the Guitar across the Centuries

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and commentary
Lukáš Sommer – guitar; composer
Music of both the past and the present.

Under the Spell of the Tango!

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and commentary
Ladislav Horák – accordion
Fascinating South American rhythms by Astor Piazzolla, Richard Galliano, Gorka
Hermosa and other composers.
The line-up can be extended by a vibraphone and double bass or by dancers.

An Evening for Two

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin and spoken word
Tomáš Töpfer
Zdeňka Žádníková Volencová – spoken word, flute
Bára Munzarová
Lukáš Sommer – guitar accompaniment
or Lucie Tóth – piano accompaniment

An evening full of beautiful music and spoken word, all creating a positive energy.


Let’s Listen to Vivaldi!

A new project – an extraordinary gala concert with elements of drama, in which Czech virtuosos play not only music.
Jaroslav Svěcený – music and the role of Antonio Vivaldi
Zdeňka Žádníková Volencová – roles of Anna Girò and Camilla Vivaldi
Jitka Navrátilová – harpsichord or Michaela Káčerková – virginal
Virtuosi Pragenses Collegium

Jaroslav Svěcený and the Gypsy Devils

Jaroslav Svěcený’s original Czechoslovak project with one of the best ethnic and world music ensembles.

Concert for Violin and Organ

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin
Pavel Svoboda – organ
The most famous compositions for violin and organ.

Gala Concerts with Orchestra:

Gala Vivaldi

Vivaldi’s most famous concertos in original instrumentation. Guaranteed to captivate concert-goers of all ages.

Famous Violins Gala Concert

Jaroslav Svěcený
Virtuosi Pragenses Collegium – chamber orchestra

During this concert, Jaroslav Svěcený plays violins made by Italian masters in the 18th–20th centuries.

Classical Music and Jazz without Tailcoats

Jaroslav Svěcený – violin
Jaroslav Svěcený Collegium – chamber orchestra